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Este post puede no ser de mucha utilidad para los lectores usuales del blog. Resulta que como preparativo para nuestro casamiento, Euge armó un mini guía sobre qué hacer en Rosario para los que nos visiten de afuera.

Cuando googleo una ciudad que voy a visitar, siempre me gusta dar con consejos de gente local, quienes viven allí el día a día y que me puede mostrar los lugares que quedan fuera de las guías turísticas.

Con el espíritu ayudar a algún futuro visitante a Rosario, en particular para los “foodies” a la caza de sabores autóctonos, acá van los musts rosarinos en inglés.

There are a couple of things you HAVE to do once in Rosario:

Sight Seeing:

The most beautiful attraction in Rosario is the Paraná river. On Saturdays and Sundays, the side of the Paraná gets crowded with families playing with kids, couples drinking “mate”, friends playing the guitar, and artists. You should just walk along the side of the Paraná, starting on “La Fluvial” (in front of the Monumento a la Bandera) and in the “Silos Davis” direction. Enjoy people watching and stop for a coffee in a bar (La fluvial, Quillagua, Flora, El Cholo o Los Silos).

If you enjoy boat rides, you can take one of the boats that depart from La Fluvial and take you through the Paraná river to some of the islands and then back to the city.

Wander through the Parque España esplanade and check the Plaza Guernica

You can visit the “Casa del Che Guevara” (Che Guevara home) in the center of Rosario

If you´re in Rosario on a weekday evening (ie. Friday 15th), you should walk along the “peatonal” Córdoba and taste a “cortado” in “Avgvstvs”, a traditional bar in Rosario

If you´re a soccer fan, you should stay in Rosario on Sunday and watch a soccer game at the “Newell´s Old Boys” soccer field


Walk along the “Boulevard Oroño” street and try a “dulce de leche granizado” and “tramontana” ice cream at “Esther”. Rosario is the ice cream capital of Argentina, so ice cream is awesome here and Esther is one of the best places to try some!

Pacú” is the typical Rosario fish from the Paraná river. You should have lunch or dinner at “El Deck del Náutico” (426-3352) or “Bajada Escauriza” (454-1777) to try it. Order fish “empanada” as a starter and “pacú” as the main course. Both places are next to the  Paraná river, with a beautiful view. I suggest calling in advance to make a reservation, because these places always get crowded.

The best places to try a great “asado” for lunch or dinner in Rosario are “El Viejo Balcón” (425-5611) and “Chicharra” (435-3934). Order “empanada de jamón y queso” as a starter and “tira de asado” as the main course. Both places get crowded and can be very loud, so try to sit at the tables they have outside. Make sure to make reservations if you want to get a table!

If you want to taste the best ever gnoccis, spaguettis or lasagna, check out “Bruno“. Order any of those main courses with “salsa mixta champignon” and enjoy!. Gracias Jorn!

Another “must” is to eat the best-in-town “carlito” (ham and cheese toasted sandwich) with a “liso” (glass of beer) in
Gorostarzu“. Gracias Marrita!

6 comentarios

  1. Jorn Wemmenhove

    Nice article! Great to have some info in English. To eat pasta go to Familia Abruzzesa or La Cantina de Bruno. And to have a coffee to Amelie.

    And Luciano, I think you made a mistake concerning the football club! Go to see Rosario Central! Even in the B League it’s more interesting! ;)

    • Luciano

      Hi Jorn, yes, I completely agree that “Bruno” (Ovidio Lagos y Montevideo) should be added to the list! Best pastas in town by far. The other day I was chatting with owner and he told me that they´ve just celebrated the 32nd anniversary. Amazing!

      Regarding Central…do you recommend going to a B league game? Seriously? Please spare our visitors from such a downer =)

  2. Marra

    Come on Euge!! You´re becoming a great “rosarina”!!
    I strongly recommend a very good restaurant serving good fish and traditional Spanish dishes: “La Marina” (1ro de Mayo y Rioja – basement floor). Another “must” is to eat the best-in-town “carlito” (ham and cheese toasted sandwich) with a “liso” (glass of beer) in Gorostarzu (Italia y Catamarca).


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